Want to contribute?

This site is dedicated to presenting the Nescafe I find in various places around the world. Did you know that there are over 200 kinds of Nescafe? There’s just one hitch about this site. Will I ever make it around the world? Probably not, because surely, the wife will be really so happy to spend her holidays in some faraway obscure country just because there are some Nescafe treats that hubby hasn’t sampled yet. Yeah, right.

So, is there a way around this? Yes…YOU! YOU can become a guest author on kopidunia.com and share some of your Nescafe experiences. Contribute to my site and at the same time increase traffic do your own site. Would you like to do that?

There are 4 options:

1. Write a post and email it to me, including the pictures. I will post it, give you full credits and provide a backlink to your blog, if you have one.

2. Write a post on your blog, let me know when you have done so, I will write a short intro here and make a link to your blog for the full post.

3. If you’re familiar with WordPress you can log in to my blog as a guest author and write here, directly, without my interference. Contact me for details.

4. You can send me a sample of a Nescafe product from your country.

So, What do you think? Want to join?