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Addiction. Before: Starbucks. Now: Nescafé.

It’s Friday and time for my “this week’s blog post about Nescafé”. I must admit that I was a bit lazy today. This is not some post I dug up from the Internet myself, but it came to me this morning, as a comment on my previous post. And going back to the website mentioned in the comment I found a post written by Tony and Jocelyn, two American expatriates in Qatar. Here they describe the pains of not getting your daily caffeine fix in a country where during the month of Ramadan all Starbucks coffee shops are closed. What do you do?

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I hope they still have this next time around…

Mmmmh…how can I describe this delicious drink? Heaven? Paradise? The sweetest thing on earth? The latter is really true…this stuff is overwhelmingly sweet. It’s green tea frappe. Well, it is supposed to be green tea. It tastes only a little

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