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Nescafé Pas Commercials from Indonesia

I realized the other day that Indonesia ranks number 6 in number of visitors to my site and as a small thank you and a tribute to the country that got me hooked on Nescafé in the first place, today

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Nescafe Indonesia – The awakening

Today I am reviewing my 2nd Nescafe website not listed in the overview at nescafe.com. Nescafe Indonesia is slightly more refreshing and rewarding than Nescafe Singapore.

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My newest Nescafe mugs

Finally, here they are, the latest additions to my Nescafe mug collection. They look really nice in the advertising, but sadly, the quality of of these mugs seems inferior to the previous ones. These mugs come with Nescafe Pas. See

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No better way to fly?

Off I go to Indonesia, six months since I was there last time. This is the third time I’m flying Lufthansa, so I guess their advertising motto has worked on me and I now fully agree that there is no better way to fly? … Honestly, I can think of many better ways to fly, name Singapore Airlines for one, but in terms of price/value I find that Lufthansa comes pretty close to being true to their motto after all.

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Last time I was in Indonesia I bought a bunch of mugs to give away to my friends. They had the same style as the “for tasteful person only”-mugs, but they said “some like it hot“. Unfortunately, or rather stupidly,

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Valentine’s mugs

Surprise your loved one with this mug! The handle looks a bit odd maybe, but I can assure that is rests well in your hand. By the way, these mugs are slightly bigger than the Indonesian mugs.

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Happy New Year II

Wow…another Lebaran motive. Whenever in Indonesia I scour all possible shops for mugs, because not all are available everywhere and not every store of the same supermarket chain has the same mugs. This one came in package with a plate…very

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Keep It Simple Stupid…why adorn this Nescafe mug with decoration when one word says it all? Classic, simple, just red colour and white, brilliant. My favourite cup to look at.

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Happy New Year!

I went for a visit to Indonesia during Lebaran, that is the Muslim New Year, usually in October every yea, and of course they had special Lebaran cups and gift packages. I kept the cups, but sorry to say, I

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Kopi Jazz

This mug has great sentimental value, because it is the first mug I saw, at my girlfriends house, in May 2006. She later gave it to me, in exchange for a duplicate from the rest of my collection. Memang cantik!

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