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Will I ever make it?

What if I visit all Nescafe web sites on the Internet, country by country, and enter all the products into one big spreadsheet? Well, it CAN be done, but I need YOUR help: I am versed in several languages, so I can find my way around to some extent, but in the end I will need the help of my readers to complete my mission: a global collection of Nescafe drinks. Do you want to help?

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If you ever run out of Nescafe…in Norway

Recently, Friele, Norway’s leading coffee roaster, with a market share of about 32 % decided to launch their own instant. Not bad, and with a very distinct taste.

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Do you know how Nescafe is made?

Soluble coffee is made exactly the same way as roasted and ground coffee: beans are blended, roasted, and ground. With NESCAFÉ soluble coffee, however, water is then added to it and the coffee grounds removed to leave a smooth liquid. The brewed coffee is then either spray or freeze dried to remove water.

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Oh no…it’s not Friele…it’s Douwe Egberts!

Oh no…I’ve been drinking the supposedly Friele coffee for one whole week now, only to realize today that it’s actually Douwe Egberts…what a disappointment, or maybe not? Actually I like this coffee, very much suited to my palate, so I decided to do some research about Douwe Egberts, is it a “cheap” brand or not?

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