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Resurrection – back in business!

This blog is about to be resurrected. After lying dormant and hidden for more than two years I have decided to put it back to life. I’m not sure whether I will continue to post, but at least I will

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This blog is not dead!

Besides getting married, I’ve been caught up in work, just too many things too do and no time to blog. I will come back to blog during the summer, that’s the plan, I hope.

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A new product every week – overambitious?

In a recent post I told you I had come up with a posting schedule. It’s there, in my sidebar. Every Monday a new NescafĂ© product. I realized today that this is maybe a bit over the top ambitious. Or

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Big plans – small changes

Last week I announced big plans for As it turns out, the changes I implemented are maybe not so big: I made a new banner and devised a new template, which includes a new color scheme and more space

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Big Plans Ahead!

To all my readers: I will take a short break from posting, maybe a week or so, while I restructure the content of these pages to better fit a regular posting schedule with regular columns/categories and also make it easier

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Will I ever make it? Give me a year or so…

If I assume that there is a dedicated Nescafe website in about half the world’s countries or top-level domains I should finish this job in about a year or so, if I count that there about 200 countries in the world. Well, that is not an unmanageable task, although my category tag cloud will start to look like a list of countries rather than a list of categories. So be it.

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Will I ever make it?

What if I visit all Nescafe web sites on the Internet, country by country, and enter all the products into one big spreadsheet? Well, it CAN be done, but I need YOUR help: I am versed in several languages, so I can find my way around to some extent, but in the end I will need the help of my readers to complete my mission: a global collection of Nescafe drinks. Do you want to help?

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Blogging about Nescafe can be expensive…

Blogging can be expensive…if you blog about what I do, which is Nescafe, because you actually have to go out and buy this stuff even if you don’t want to, or worse, don’t need to. But we all have to make sacrifices, right? Besides, there are plenty of more expensive “hobbies” than my pastime.

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