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Think Green, Think Recycle, Think Nescafe – part 2

This week’s featured blogpost about Nescafé is an old acquaintance. Not personally, but a blog I have visited before. It’s Cecile Cinco and her recycling talents. I’m really amazed at what she does to her Nescafé sachets. Now I wonder,

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Find anything Nescafé on eBay

It’s amazing what Nescafé stuff that you can find on eBay if you’re a Nescafé addict like me

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Why one sachet of Nescafé is simply not enough

I found this week’s blogpost about Nescafe on the blog of Matthew Bamberg, a photographer from Palm Springs, California. This is what he has to say about his craving for morning coffee and the “small” Nescafe sachets he finds in

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Addiction. Before: Starbucks. Now: Nescafé.

It’s Friday and time for my “this week’s blog post about Nescafé”. I must admit that I was a bit lazy today. This is not some post I dug up from the Internet myself, but it came to me this morning, as a comment on my previous post. And going back to the website mentioned in the comment I found a post written by Tony and Jocelyn, two American expatriates in Qatar. Here they describe the pains of not getting your daily caffeine fix in a country where during the month of Ramadan all Starbucks coffee shops are closed. What do you do?

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Think Green, Think Recycle, Think Nescafe

Instant coffee sachets mean instant garbage. Did I say garbage? Not necessarily, because you can recycle your Nescafe sachets, and I don’t mean by sorting you garbage in recyclables and non-recyclables and collecting your sachets in a special box. In fact, as incredible as it sounds, you can indeed put your sachets to use again. Cecile Cinco does, and I find it quite amazing what she manages to do with her Nescafe sachets.

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Why Nes-caf-e sometimes is Nes-crap-e

Did you know that Nescafe really IS made to suit the local palate? That’s why what is your favourite Nescafe blend at home may taste absolutely disgusting when abroad. To me this is strange, because Coca-Cola tastes the same everywhere, doesn’t it? Or maybe not: I remember the Vanilla Coke I tried in the US for the first time in 2001. It was terribly sweet and artificial. Yuk! Some time later I found it in the shops here in Norway too, but to my surprise the sweet taste was much more refined. The same goes for Pepsi Max with Lemon. Disgustingly artificial in the US, but much more balanced here. How come?

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How to learn Indonesian…

I owe much of my coffee addiction to kopi Nescafe from Indonesia, but I have a penchant not only for Indonesian Nescafe but also for Indonesian language, since  I spend all my holidays there.  And the best way to get to know a country is to speak with the people I meet on the street and the only way to do that is by learning the language first.

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Nescafe confessions

How do YOU like YOUR coffee?

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I love U Nescafe!

I just luv Ur feel to my lips.
U just make my day.
I love U Nescafe!

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How to recycle Nescafe jars

Now, here’s an original idea for how to make use of your empty Nescafe jars: Use them to prop up your sagging shelves. Does it work?

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