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Nescafé Partners Blend – a fair trade product

Nescafé Fair Trade – is it really possible? Well, I am not about to answer that question in my post this morning, but I am glad to see that fair trade Nescafé coffee has finally found its way to Norway.

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Nescafe Gold – Blend of the Year 2008

A new Nescafe appeared in my local store earlier this year: Nescafe Gold – Blend of the year 2008. IT’s just the good old Nescafe Gold in a new packaging, I thought, but when I tasted it it, it was

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Nescafé 3in1 from Thailand – boost your blood sugar!

Recently I acquired some Nescafé 3in1 from Thailand. I found it on eBay. $23 incl. shipping for 30 sticks, that’s 80 cents per mug. Worth it? Not sure, but I have to do something to keep this website rolling. Nescafé

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Nescafe Red Cup – Gets you up in the morning?

Monday morning and time for my weekly product review. A good coffee would be nice now, and I think I found it. I remember buying this before, but that was before I started this site and before I began scrutinizing every Nescafé taste experience. According to the accompanying picture on the Nescafé Switzerland website this is a morning coffee. Maybe yes.

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Skinny Cappuccino – how weird can it get?

Today I went to my local store in search of a not yet tasted Nescafé product for this week’s product review. I found not only that. I found a completely new product: Skinny Cappuccino. Or actually “Cappuccino Skinny” to use the exact product name displayed on the package. Why “Skinny”?

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Uniquely Norwegian Nescafe?

Nescafe owes some of its success to the fact that it caters to the individual palate of that country. And Nescafe Brasero is only available in Norway and Denmark, as far as I have been able to gather by checking Nescafe (or Nestle) worldwide. However, a thorough Google search reveales that the name Nescafe Brasero also appears in Hungary and Romania

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Mmmh…Nescafe Ice

I have never been a friend of cold coffee drinks. And this experience has not changed my mind on that subject.

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This drink is almost to sweet for me. I’m not sure what the “Mocha” is supposed to mean, it most certainly does not mean Mocha coffee…it’s more like Mocha (dark) chocolate. It’s very sweet, almost like hot chocolate with just

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Mmmh…sweet Nescafe Pas

Basically, this is almost the same as Nescafe 3 in 1, except that this “Specially formulated for Indonesian consumers”, according to the packaging (but why write this in English, when everything else on the packaging is written in Bahasa Indonesia?).

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Mmmh…rich Cafe au Chocolat

This drink is perfect. The sweet taste of chocolate tickles your tongue first and then you can taste the coffee the back, a very nice sensation. 10 out of 10. I prefer dark chocolate, so I don’t need extra sugar, but if you’re a sweet tooth you will definitely want to add just a little bit.

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