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Home made Nescafé Frappe


Looking for blog posts about Nescafe, here’s an interesting view on Nescafé: Instant Coffee, anyone? (on a now closed blog) is a post by Chrissy, who apparently got hooked on Nescafe while living in Greece for a while. In her post

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Nescafé or Senseo? Or both?


Nestlé, home to Nescafé, has it its Nespresso and Dolce Gusto single serve coffee machines, Douwe Egberts has teamed up with Philips to create Senseo. So far I had been blissfully unaware there even existed a Senseo coffee machine. Yes,

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Nescafe Christmas Pudding


Some 8 years ago I had the pleasure of living in the UK while studying for my MSc. One of the most typical English Christmas foods is the Christmas pudding. A strange dish, but at the same time very delicious. I loved it.

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Nescafe Dolce Gusto revisited


Remember how I lamented the lack of personal comments on Well, at Geekanoids there is refreshing and very different review of this sci-fi looking gadget, which reads much better and brings a smile to my face and really makes me want to run to my nearest local store to buy this fantastic machine

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How to pick the right coffee machine


I have previously ravaged about wanting a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine and written about the Nescafe advertising buzz using the French blog community Blogbang. This morning I found a so-called “review” of this machine at Well, it reads almost as it was cut and pasted from a sales brochure…

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If you ever run out of Nescafe…in Norway


Recently, Friele, Norway’s leading coffee roaster, with a market share of about 32 % decided to launch their own instant. Not bad, and with a very distinct taste.

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I hope they still have this next time around…


Mmmmh…how can I describe this delicious drink? Heaven? Paradise? The sweetest thing on earth? The latter is really true…this stuff is overwhelmingly sweet. It’s green tea frappe. Well, it is supposed to be green tea. It tastes only a little

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My favourite Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf


This is my favourite Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Jakarta, located at Taman Anggrek mall, which also happens to be my favourite mall in Jakarta.  It is located slightly off the main track of the mall, but still with

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No better way to fly?


Off I go to Indonesia, six months since I was there last time. This is the third time I’m flying Lufthansa, so I guess their advertising motto has worked on me and I now fully agree that there is no better way to fly? … Honestly, I can think of many better ways to fly, name Singapore Airlines for one, but in terms of price/value I find that Lufthansa comes pretty close to being true to their motto after all.

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Nescafe Chocolate Cup Cakes


I found this recipe on an Indonesian website. Looks very tasty. My Indonesian is a bit rusty these days, but I think I managed to translate it more or less correctly, apart from the fact that some ingredients (like “coffee

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