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Solving the Nescafé “PNG” Mystery


I owe this post to Lyn, one of my readers, who asked for for help with her Nescafé mugs: Hi I have some unusual memorabilia that I can’t identify and I thought you might be able to help. I have

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My newest Nescafe mugs


Finally, here they are, the latest additions to my Nescafe mug collection. They look really nice in the advertising, but sadly, the quality of of these mugs seems inferior to the previous ones. These mugs come with Nescafe Pas. See

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Breakfast is ready…Nescafe style


If you put it all together, the Nescafe glasses, the Nescafe mugs, the Nescafe plates and the Nescafe thermos, well, then you have a complete breakfast table.

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Friends coming over…?


…and no coffee in the house? Too bad, because if you had coffee (Nescafe of course) you could serve it from this neat-looking thermos. You can find it on eBay, it’s made by Leifheit and apparently only available in Germany.

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Eine deutsche Tasse muss gross sein…


I saw this decorated Nescafe mug on eBay Germany. If I knew it were this big, I’m not sure I would have bought it. Anyway, the decoration is nice, and it goes well with the serving/eating plates. Visit eBay to

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Nescafe for eating


These Nescafe plates (made from plastic) are meant for eating breakfast (or whatever) or serving. Very nice colour and go very well with any Nescafe mug. From eBay Germany.

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For those cold lonely nights…


There is more to Nescafe than just mugs. If the coffee doesn’t keep you warm, maybe this Nescafe blanket will. I got it off eBay. Apparently available in Germany only.

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Last time I was in Indonesia I bought a bunch of mugs to give away to my friends. They had the same style as the “for tasteful person only”-mugs, but they said “some like it hot“. Unfortunately, or rather stupidly,

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Don’t forget where you were…


This mug makes sure you don’t forget where you were, and it also captures the essence of Jakarta…the noisy and exhaust-spewing bajaj…if you have ever taken one, you will never forget the ride.

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Valentine’s mugs


Surprise your loved one with this mug! The handle looks a bit odd maybe, but I can assure that is rests well in your hand. By the way, these mugs are slightly bigger than the Indonesian mugs.

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