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Soooo 60s…or 50s?


This is a wonderful Nescafe commercial from the USA. It’s really fun to watch. I really wonder if an ad like that would catch the audience today?

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Remember the Nescafe couple?


First aired in Britain, this is a series of advertisements for “Nescafe Gold Blend” instant coffee, which involved next door neighbors played by Sharon Maughan and Anthony Head popping round to each other’s houses to borrow some coffee.

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Nescafé 3in1 from Thailand – sweet commercial!


I’m not leaving Monday’s review of Nescafé 3in1 from Thailand quite yet, because today I have two commercials for you. Actually it’s the same commercial in two versions. The first has a romantic them music to it, French of course,

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Nescafé Pas Commercials from Indonesia


I realized the other day that Indonesia ranks number 6 in number of visitors to my site and as a small thank you and a tribute to the country that got me hooked on Nescafé in the first place, today

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Nescafé 1978 – Back to the Future


Today I’m featuring a classic Nescafé commercial from Germany, going 30 years back in time. 1978. “Progress”, “Engineering” and “Innovation” were the buzzwords then, not “global warming”, and flying, especially flying the Concorde was the ultimate experience for many, me

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George Clooney – Nespresso Ambassador


What do George Clooney and Nespresso have in common? I didn’t know they even had something in common until I saw this commercial with George Clooney promoting Nespresso. This advertisement titled “Nespresso What Else?” was shot on the 30th and

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Ito Misaki Nescafé Santa Marta


I hate to admit this, but I am man and of course I’m easily persuaded by beautiful women in advertisements, and this gorgeous woman can make me drink any Nescafe any time. Her name is Itoh Misaki.

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Nescafe hot air balloon anyone?


Do you want your own Nescafe hot air balloon? It can be yours for only $35,000! I’m not sure this balloon beats what I so far though was the world’s biggest Nescafe mug in Caracas, Venezuela. Do you think this balloon is bigger? Well, balloons are huge anyway.

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One moment, one Nescafe


I seem to be stuck in the Philippines this Christmas. The reason is simple: They do have nice ads, or maybe it’s the nice voice that sings in these ads that is so nice. According to the post on John

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Naomi Quimpo – a coming Nescafe star?


It’s Christmas, and I couldn’t resist putting up another Nescafe Ad from the Philippines This one is a student project by Naomi Quimpo, a student of Communication Arts at DLSU Manila, and it’s actually quite well done, almost like a

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