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Home made Nescafé Frappe

Looking for blog posts about Nescafe, here’s an interesting view on Nescafé: Instant Coffee, anyone? (on a now closed blog) is a post by Chrissy, who apparently got hooked on Nescafe while living in Greece for a while. In her post

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Nescafé Partners Blend – a fair trade product

Nescafé Fair Trade – is it really possible? Well, I am not about to answer that question in my post this morning, but I am glad to see that fair trade Nescafé coffee has finally found its way to Norway.

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Nescafe Gold – Blend of the Year 2008

A new Nescafe appeared in my local store earlier this year: Nescafe Gold – Blend of the year 2008. IT’s just the good old Nescafe Gold in a new packaging, I thought, but when I tasted it it, it was

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This blog is not dead!

Besides getting married, I’ve been caught up in work, just too many things too do and no time to blog. I will come back to blog during the summer, that’s the plan, I hope.

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Soooo 60s…or 50s?

This is a wonderful Nescafe commercial from the USA. It’s really fun to watch. I really wonder if an ad like that would catch the audience today?

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Remember the Nescafe couple?

First aired in Britain, this is a series of advertisements for “Nescafe Gold Blend” instant coffee, which involved next door neighbors played by Sharon Maughan and Anthony Head popping round to each other’s houses to borrow some coffee.

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Nescafé Portugal – Cappuccino?

Encouraged by Joao Esperanca‘s comment on my post about Nescafé Croatia, telling me they had Nescafé in Portugal, I went to search for it, hoping to find something to write about for this Sunday’s review of Nescafé worldwide websites. Besides,

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Nescafé New Zealand – Nescafé Paradise…

If you love the Nescafé Cappuccino range, New Zealand will be your Nescafé paradise. No less than 15 different flavors are waiting for you! How could I have missed this when I stayed in New Zealand for a couple of

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Think Green, Think Recycle, Think Nescafe – part 2

This week’s featured blogpost about Nescafé is an old acquaintance. Not personally, but a blog I have visited before. It’s Cecile Cinco and her recycling talents. I’m really amazed at what she does to her Nescafé sachets. Now I wonder,

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Nescafé 3in1 from Thailand – sweet commercial!

I’m not leaving Monday’s review of Nescafé 3in1 from Thailand quite yet, because today I have two commercials for you. Actually it’s the same commercial in two versions. The first has a romantic them music to it, French of course,

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