Kopi Dunia – Coffee of the world…Nothing could be more true about Nescafe. Like Coca-Cola,there is hardly a country where you will not find Nescafe,and the variations of flavours are practically countless and there always something new to discover. Nescafe Gold in my country may not taste the same as Nescafe Gold in your country,and my Nescafe product range may be unavailable where you live and vice versa.  That’s why I love this coffee so much…there’s always a new taste and a new product to explore.

Did you know that Nescafe is a Swiss invention? The beginnings of Nescafe can be traced all the way back to 1930,when the Brazilian government first approached Nestle. Max Morgenthaler and his team set out to find a way of producing coffee that could be made simply by adding water,yet still retain the coffee’s natural flavour. After seven long years of research they found the answer an the new product was named Nescafe,a combination of Nestle and cafe. Read more history at Nescafe.com

Unless you are well versed in the Indonesian (or Malay) language you will wonder why this site is called “Kopi Dunia”? Well,although I had been drinking Nescafe for many years,it was first when I discovered and tasted the Indonesian version that I really became addicted to it,especially the 3-in-1 packs. And it was in Indonesia that I saw my first Nescafe mug and started my collection, and started my journey in Nescafé around the world.

Did you know that there are over 200 kinds of Nescafé? Follow me as I try make it around the (Nescafé) world and find out why Nescafé is so different from country to country and what makes the difference…