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If you are among those who have lived in Germany for a while or worked together with Germans you most undoubtedly have come across the concept of "Ordnung muss sein" (order is necessary) and the typical German penchant for order and structure, rules and regulations. The Nescafé Germany website makes no exception to that. But do Germans really need 22 different kinds of Nescafé?

De_nescafe_2_2No excessive ads or popups or distracting flashy graphics, just straight to the point and no more than necessary information. I will not dwell too much at the usual Nescafé information about coffee and harvesting and production, but cut straight threw it. As in Switzerland, here too we can find a Nescafé commercial section, only one, but there is also some behind the scenes information.


The Nescafé "Coffee Break" section features some rather boring e-cards, a couple of screen savers and a PacMan-like Nescafé game. That is quite fun, since it has a couple of levels. I didn’t play it to the end though.

De_nescafe_products The product range is amazingly sorted and ordered, no mix-up of jar sizes and shapes. German systematism at its best. Norway has so far held the record with 16 different Nescafé products. Nescafé Germany goes further and boosts 22 different variations, so far the most I have seen and there are many new and rather surprising products like Nescafé Frappe Pina Colada…


Nescafé Gold. The classic, available in three versions: Regular, Decaf and Mild.


Nescafé Gold Decaf.


Nescafé Gold Mild.


Nescafé Classic. Also available in 3 versions: Regular, Decaf and Mild.
De_nescafe_classic_decaf_2 Nescafé Classic Decaf
De_nescafe_classic_mild_2 Nescafé Classic Mild.
De_nescafe_espresso_2 Nescafe Espresso.
De_nescafe_cappuccino_2 Nescafé Cappuccino. Available in three versions. Creamy, Decaf and Unsweetened.
De_nescafe_cappuccino_deaf_2 Nescafé Cappuccino Decaf.
De_nescafe_cappuccino_unsweetened_2 Nescafé Cappuccino Unsweetened.
De_nescafe_latte_macchiato_2 Nescafé Latte Macchiato. Regular. I expected three versions, but found only two. Maybe there’s one in the making?
De_nescafe_latte_macchiato_less_2 Nescafé Latte Macchiato Less Sweetened.
De_nescafe_cappuccino_choco_2 Nescafé Cappuccino Choco. One of many flavored Nescafé Cappuccinos. Choco.
De_nescafe_cappuccino_choco_noise_2 Nescafé Cappuccino Choco Noisette. Hazelnut. Reminds me of Nutella, maybe that’s why they came up with this flavor?
De_nescafe_cappuccino_cream_latte_2 Nescafé Cappuccino Crema Latte.
De_nescafe_cappuccino_vanilla_2 Nescafé Cappuccino Vanilla.
De_nescafe_frappe_2 Nescafé Frappe. Also Known as Nescafé Ice in other countries.
De_nescafe_frappe_pina_coalda_2 Nescafé Frappe Pina Colada. Pineapple and Coconut? "Tropical" coffee? Now that’s a new one.
De_nescafe_cafe_au_lait_2 Nescafé Cafe au Lait. Coffee and Milk. For the francophiles.
De_nescafe_cappuccino_classico_3 Nescafé Cappuccino Classico? What makes this different from the first Cappuccino above? I don’t know.
De_nescafe_wiener_melange_2 Nescafé Wiener Melange. Is this the one known as Mocchacino in other countries?

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