No better way to fly?

Off I go to Indonesia, six months since last time I was there.¬†And hopefully I will bring back some new Nescafe experiences and some new mugs. This is actually the third time I’m flying Lufthansa, so I guess their advertising motto has worked on me he he because truly there’s no better way to fly … yeah, right.

Honestly, I can think of many better ways to fly, name Singapore Airlines for one, but in terms of price/value I find that Lufthansa comes pretty close to being true to their motto after all. There is better, but there is also much worse. Lufthansa scores pretty high with me. On-time departures, decent food and smooth flights. OK, the latter is probably mostly the weather and not necessarily the pilot’s skills, but I’ve never had a bumpy ride going in that direction when flying Lufthansa. It’s also one of the few airlines besides KLM that I can fly all the way from Norway to Indonesia, and if you’re on a through ticket or booking online, that’s very convenient. Hm…wonder if that’s Nescafe they are serving on board…will check it out and let you know…

UPDATE: It’s not Nescafe, it’s Jacobs Kaffee.

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