Oh no…it’s not Friele…it’s Douwe Egberts!

Oh no…I’ve been drinking the supposedly Friele coffee for one whole week now, only to realize today that it’s actually Douwe Egberts…liquid coffee concentrate…what a disappointment, or maybe not? I’m a Nescafe addict, but actually I’m beginning to like this coffee, very much suited to my palate, so I decided to do some research about Douwe Egberts, is it a  “cheap” brand or not?

The home page, available in many languages, suggests quality. The price on a Sara Lee company (and I do love Sara Lee cakes) and believe it or not, Sara Lee also owns Friele.

Sara Lee International is one of the leading coffee roasters in the world. Famous brands include Douwe Egberts (international brand), Maison du Café (France), Marcilla (Spain), Merrild (Denmark, Sweden, Iceland), Pilão, Cafe do Ponto (Brazil), Harris (Australia), Superior (USA), Hills Bros (USA), Chock full o’Nuts (USA), Bravo (Greece) and Friele (Norway). The top espresso brand Piazza d’Oro also belongs to the Douwe Egberts range. But there are many more coffee as well as tea brands in the Sara Lee International portfolio.

Interesting…I didn’t know that. Seems this Douwe Egberts is a good brand after all. And now…slurp…let me enjoy my first cup this morning…

More on Nescafe, Sara Lee and Douwe Egberts can be found in this article from 1999.

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